Beautiful argyle print.

SOAR Elite Race Vest 3.0 Review

I'm always on the look out for unique running kit and SOAR Running's Elite Race Vest 3.0 caught my eye due to its argyle pattern design. SOAR, a London-based running apparel company, is a newer boutique brand focused on bringing fashion and function to runners using high quality fabrics. Intrigued I ordered one from overseas to see what it's all about.

What Is It?

The Elite Race Vest 3.0 is SOAR Running's flagship racing singlet. Intentionally designed for a slim and close fit, the Elite Race Vest 3.0 wears close to the skin to help transfer sweat away due to the fabric's 3D structure. It uses an open-weave Italian mesh that retains very little moisture and is highly breathable. Even when fully saturated, it remains light and comfortable.

Slim fit. image

Slim fit.

Bonded seams. image

Bonded seams.

It's finely crafted but also delicate. image

It's finely crafted but also delicate.

Flat washing instruction label. image

Flat washing instruction label.

Flat sizing label. Nothing to scratch you. image

Flat sizing label. Nothing to scratch you.

Back view of the Elite Vest 3.0. image

Back view of the Elite Vest 3.0.

Up close, the singlet is beautifully designed and crafted. All the seams are bonded which is supposed to help reduce aerodynamic drag and to help eliminate chafing.

My M-size singlet weighs only 1.69oz (48g) and is easily the lightest singlet in my closet.

Why Did I Get It?

I'm always in need of more good fitting, breathable singlets. Also, honestly, it looks so good. My wife loves it because it makes it really easy to pick me out in races because who else is going to be wearing an argyle print top?

How Has It Worked Out?

Next to my beloved Nike AeroSwift's, this singlet has become one of my favorites and has joined the small rotation of favorite racing tops.

Because it's so light, I barely feel it on me even when it starts to get sweaty. The fitted design keeps it really close so that it stays in place no matter what the conditions are. I love that it doesn't move as that's a big pet peeve of mine. So, it will stick to you but not in a bad way. Because of the ventilation, it lets the air hit your body directly helping to keep you cool.

Sizing can be tricky because of the way it's meant to be worn with the slimmer fit and European sizing. They actually recommend sizing up. I was on the border in terms of sizing by "chest size" and I went with my normal size which is great when I'm in "racing weight" but is less flattering when I'm in the "off season".

Fancy fabric: the 3D knit structure! image

Fancy fabric: the 3D knit structure!

Front and back of the fabric. image

Front and back of the fabric.

It comes with its own laundry bag! image

It comes with its own laundry bag!

Because it is a delicate garment, care needs to taken when washing it. Thankfully, SOAR provides a zippered laundry bag to place the singlet in to use in the washing machine (or you can hand wash it). It then needs to be hang dried but luckily it dries really fast.

The Good

  • It's super thin and light
  • It's super breathable
  • It looks great
  • They give you a special laundry bag to wash it in
  • It's very comfortable

The Less Good

  • It's very fitted
  • It's very delicate
  • It's expensive
  • No bottom split hem

I set my master's 5K, 10K, and half-marathon PRs in this top so it's one of my lucky tops.

10K Master's PR! image

10K Master's PR!

All-time Half-Marathon PR! image

All-time Half-Marathon PR!

Is It Worth It?

At £62.00 (~$87 USD at the time of purchase), This is easily the most expensive singlet in my closet but it's also one of the best singlets in my closet both in terms of style and functionality. When you consider this is not a mass produced item and is finely crafted then the price isn't too crazy especially when you consider that a close competitor like the Nike AeroSwift also costs $70-80 USD).

If you're looking for the absolute lightest singlet that's great for racing or hot weather situations and you don't mind a very slim it then it's worth considering.

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