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Nike AeroSwift Singlet (2019) Review

For the longest time I've been searching for a lightweight singlet that could handle my high level of perspiration to allow me to run comfortably on the hottest of days and the hardest of runs. After trying to many brands and fabrics I've finally found the right one.

What Is It?

The Nike AeroSwift singlet is Nike's premier singlet designed to wick sweat and stay cool. These are the singlets worn by Nike elite athletes for training and competition.

The fabric is comprised of Nike's typical Dri-FIT moisture-wicking technology along with something it calls VaporKnit which is designed to combine cooling with reduced clinging.

Tailored with a slim fit, the singlet sports a racer back design with wide armholes for enhanced mobility.

The most remarkable thing about the singlet is the shear number of laser cut holes of varying sizes that make up a majority of the surface area. The seams around the shoulder are no-sew low profile glued seams.

A US men's M size weighs a scant 1.83oz (52 grams).


It comes in a small number of basic colors. During launch there was a Laser Orange, Lime Blast, Black, Hyper Royal, and Psychic Purple. Additionally, I was able to find a special edition Nike Oregon Project white "oil print" color before they shut that down.

Why Did I Get It?

When running, I get hot easily and I have this amazing ability to overwhelm most tank tops and singlets with my perspiration. Yeah, it's gross and it annoys me to no end. Pretty much all sleeveless tops fail because of the following issues:

  • Weight: Once overwhelmed with sweat, they simply become a soggy, heavy mess
  • Breathability: Others just hold sweat and cling (to my chest and back) effectively making me hotter
  • Fit: When the front of your singlet starts shifting up to your neck because the back is sweat heavy
  • Comfort: Longer tops tend to channel sweat into my bottoms which is NOT COOL
  • Chafing: Lack of effective wicking leading potential chafing issues

So, the need for a good singlet was real. Luckily, these were available at some local stores for me to try on and I bought one at the full retail price of $70 USD.

How Has It Worked Out?

Upon my first wear on a 63F day with 72% humidity, I was blown away. Running down the road I could feel the breeze on my chest. 8 miles later, the AeroSwift singlet was a little damp but mostly dry especially in the back.

Even on the hottest days or days where I'm wearing it under a running pack for 7 hours, it never feels soaked nor does it ever feel heavy. Running into a stiff headwind will literally dry it out while I'm running.

It simply just works!

Sweat channeling to the shorts has been reduced dramatically as the shorter length reduces the transfer area and the quick drying keeps saturation from happening in the first place.

Because it's so breathable, it might be less suitable for cold weather running. I was perfectly comfortable with it in low 40F temperature and up.

The Good

  • It's so light
  • It breathes so well
  • It dries super fast
  • It doesn't get soggy
  • It's well made
  • The shorter length transfers less sweat

The Less Good

  • It's not cheap
  • It's not the softest fabric
  • Extreme breathability means it won't keep you warm
  • It's somewhat delicate and the edges fray after a lot of usage

Is It Worth It?


The AeroSwift singlet is expensive but it's well-made and truly delivers on its promise of being a lightweight and highly effective sweat wicking top.


It's the best top I've ever worn and it's my go-to race top for all distances and nearly all conditions. The save my white oil print for my A-races and train in the others.

If you can get it on sale then it's an even better deal but I highly recommend this singlet if you're a heavy sweater.

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