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My Bragi Dash has arrived!

Almost exactly two years ago, I pledged to be one of the first backers of an extremely ambitious Kickstarter project. A company named Bragi was promoting a product called the Dash which had features that seemed too good to be true.

The promise of the Bragi Dash was a waterproof wireless headset that could play music standalone (4GB of storage onboard) or stream BT audio from mobile devices or other devices. Additionally, it would include various embedded sensors allowing it to act as an activity tracker for running, cycling, swimming and other types of activities.

While the project was setback by numerous delays due to technical and production hurdles, I waited patiently understanding that they were building something special. As a backer of many things, I found Bragi to be surprisingly transparent about the issues they were facing and the process of getting something like this built.

Well, the day is finally here. I have it in my hands and am super excited.

It's charging and being updated to the latest firmware but my early quick test of BT audio streaming and audio transparency was very very encouraging.

I'll be testing it out over the next couple of weeks to see if it lives up to my early expectations. This is the type of product that requires multiple reviews since it's functionality is still being worked on and I'll be sure to follow up when that new stuff is added.

For now, here are some unboxing photos of the very nice packaging.

Bragi Dash image

My first hearable and BT headset.

Bragi Dash Packaging image

The packaging is very modern and fun. The booklet introduction is well thought out.

Clever packaging continued... image

Example of the pages to thumb through to get to the goods.

Early Adopter! image
Bragi Dash case image

Anodized aluminum. Supremely solid.

More great design image

The charging case slides in and out easily.

It's the little things... image

Even the cable is branded. No cheap throw-ins here.

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