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My Bragi Dash Died

Unfortunately, a few days after my Bragi Dash review was posted, my pair died an untimely and mysterious death after a typical swim session. After the swim, I rinsed them with clean water, towel dried them, and then let them air dry on my way home. When I returned home, I placed them in the charging case. 

Later that day at work, I attempted to use them but noticed that music was starting and stopping on its own and then the left side when out and never recovered. I tried to reset the Dash in the charging case but that had no effect. In fact, when placed in the case the left side wouldn't even charge.

I then reached out to Bragi and reported the following issues:

- The left Dash is completely dead and unmountable. 
- The right Dash charges, breathes, and can be mounted on a computer
- The right Dash can be seen by other Bluetooth devices.
- The right Dash has no sound or audio indications
- The right Dash doesn't respond to touch controls

It took Bragi 4 days to respond to my initial email and I was given troubleshooting instructions to try Unfortunately, I was unable to revive my Dash.

The next day, I started the RMA process with Bragi to return ship my Dash and all the original packaging back to them at my expense. I was told that once they received and processed the return then they would ship out a new pair. 

The basic time was as follows:

July 21 - My Bragi Dash fails after a swim

July 25 - Bragi Support responds with troubleshooting instructions

July 26 - I report that the troubleshooting doesn't work and Bragi Support opens an RMA ticket for me.

July 27 - I ship my Dash to Bragi.

August 1 - Bragi receives my Dash.

August 3 - Bragi notifies me that a new Dash has been sent to me.

August 9 - I receive my new Dash.

In total, it took 12 business days (or 18 total days) to resolve the problem. We'll call this about a two week turn around if we're just counting business days. That's not terrible. During the whole process, Bragi was very communicative both via e-mail and Facebook Messenger.

I'm very happy to have my Dash back but I am a little wary of taking them back into the pool for the time being.

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