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FITLY Towel Waterproof Innovative Seat Cover Review

What Is It?

The FITLY Towel is a waterproof seat cover made for active people. Cleverly designed, the bamboo fabric towel also folds into itself for easy storage and can be used as a pillow. To use it, you simply unzip it, lay it over your seat and then place the pocket part over the headrest. It's wide enough to cover the entire seat including the shoulder area to ensure that none of your sweat or grime gets into your seat.

The FITLY Towel has the following specifications:

  • Head Rest Section: 16" x 12"
  • Towel Section: 28" x 54"

Why Did I Get It?

If you ever have to drive to meet up for a group run or to get in a trail run, you're inevitably sweaty by the end of your run. I am FOR SURE. Normally, I have two options.

  1. Bring extra gear for cleaning up (moist wipes, a changing tent, a fresh change of clothes, etc.)
  2. Hop in the car get cleaned up at home.

The are pros and cons for each of these and I'll often do #1 if I've been out for hours on the trails. However, for everything else #2 is usually a more easy solution.

However, the last thing I want to do is hop into my car and leave a gigantic sweat stain on my seat.

You might ask, "Why not just use a beach towel?" The problem with most towels is they can soak through and they can shift and easily fall down allowing your upper back and shoulders still dirty your seats.

The FITLY Towel easily solves this problem and is useful in other scenarios as well.

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How Has It Worked Out?

It's FANTASTIC. I'm so angry that I did not have this for the longest time. I actually now have two of them (one older model and one current model). The current model has a heavier duty build quality and still maintains fantastic waterproof-ness thanks to the TPU membrane in between the fabric. You can literally pour a pitcher of water on it and it will not leak.

In addition to being a seat cover, it can be used as a beach towel, and as a regular towel in a pinch.

I even use it when I'm not exercising as it's a great thing to throw over your seat if you've parked somewhere really hot and don't want sear the bottoms of your legs.

I basically leave this in my car all the time only taking it out when it needs to be cleaned. Speaking of cleaning, the FITY Towel is easy to wash with standard detergent in warm water and to line dry.

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Is It Worth It?

Yes. Yes. Yes. Your car (or someone else's car) will thank you for it. Get one or more (if you have others who ride with you). It's totally worth the investment and great for runners, cyclists, hikers, surfers, and pretty much any active person. It's well made, highly durable, very versatile and is one of those things you'll find that you use a lot. It's an essential part of my gear bag.


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