FITLY Running Pack Review

Back in October of 2017, I came across this new running pack on Kickstarter called (FITLY - the Most Exciting and Innovative Running Pack). Intrigued by its design, I decided to back it since I had been looking for a solution to carry a few extra items on my runs without over-filling a waist pack or having to wear my a full running vest or backpack.

What Is It?

The FITLY Running Pack is a lightweight and weatherproof running pack designed by runners for runners. Despite it's minimalist design, it has numerous pockets and compartments to hold everything you need on short to medium distance runs. It's very well made using high durability Cordura Fabric.


Why Did I Get It?

Most men's running shorts suck at pockets. Armbands lack storage and are increasingly cumbersome with today's increasingly larger phones. Waistbands/belts offer slightly more storage than armbands but have a tendency to bounce. Running vests and backpacks are good options but are often overkill for shorter runs.

The FITLY works because it's low profile and sits higher up on your body. It moves with you and barely registers a bounce even when fully loaded. This is due to the clever design which utilizes a very secure adjustable thoracic strap supported by adjustable shoulder straps. FITLY also provides different sizes of the packs to fit all body types.

Also, because of compartment system, you can carry more things than many waistbands. There's a main compartment that can store phones of all sizes or other larger sized items, there's a side compartment that can also store a phone sized item. There are two expandable thoracic pockets, and finally there are two compartments on the back which can hold wallets, keys, and other low profile items.

It also comes with a little security whistle in case of emergencies.

How Has It Worked Out?

This has become my go-to solution for runs up to a half marathon (21km) when I want to bring my phone, some fuel, my keys, and, occasionally, my action camera. You can even squeeze in a soft flask in the main compartment if you want to carry around some hydration. I've fit both 500ml and 600ml HydraPaks on runs along with my phone.


Previously, I had been wearing a SPIbelt or a Nathan VaporKrar WaistPak around my waist whenever I wanted to carry extra stuff. While I still use them from time-to-time, they become less useful if you want to carry more stuff as they tend to bounce the more encumbered they become.

The silent zippers used on the FITLY are very secure zippers; however, I highly recommend keeping them clean. If you perspire heavily, the "salts" can clog the zippers making them challenging to open.

You may find that the magnetic clasp can be a little abrasive against finer knitted technical shirts. On most of regular activewear it hasn't been a problem though.

Is It Worth It?

The FITLY Running Pack is not inexpensive; however, I think it's utility encourages you to wear it more often than you would other competing solutions.

For the current price of $79 USD $59 USD (Update: Price lowered!), it is in price range of nicer waist packs or larger capacity hydration vests/backpacks.

I'm of the opinion that nicer, well-made products are worth the money IF you use them. The FITLY pack falls into this category for me.


If you don't care for bouncy waist packs or unwieldy arm bands then this is probably the best solution for carrying a number of items on your runs.

I've used it on tons of training runs and even in one rainy race. It just works and stays out of the way.


You can get yours here:

[UPDATE] If you need a hydration solution then FITLY has a new model called the Sub90.

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