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Bragi Dash: Internal Audio While Running Test

Since receiving my Bragi Dash a few days ago, I was itching to test it on the road during my long slow run of 13.1 miles (21km) today.

I loaded it up with three playlists of high quality AAC and MP3 files and went out on my merry way. They were in use for about 2.5 hours straight.

Impressions and observations so far in no particular:

  • No microphonic noise. Wonderful.
  • XS default size seems to fit me just right. They didn't move during the entire run.
  • The controls work well when your standing still but are less consistent when you're moving.
  • Audio transparency works great when you want to know what's around you.
  • The audio quality is pretty good and gets plenty loud.
  • The audio was consistent the entire time.
  • I was never uncomfortable with them in my ears.
  • My perspiration wasn't an issue.

My next test with be tracking and then tracking with built-in audio.

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