A New Site. A New Design.

Many years ago during the emergence of the web (mid-late 90s), I was very much into the "tech review" scene. I was an IT Professional and web developer running a site called Freak! with a buddy where we reviewed computer hardware from companies like ABIT, ASUS, EVGA, AMD and Intel. It was fun times but we didn't think we could have lasting careers doing this (Anand and others proved us wrong) so we went and rode the DOTCOM era and got jobs building websites.

I ended starting a personal tech blog named Silicon Pop Culture where I reviewed products with a focus on mobile and desktop computing. I also gave advice and wrote articles to show people what they could actually do with all this cool technology out there. Here and there I contributed to Designtechnica and The Tech Report. I used this cool CMS named PMachine by EllisLabs that would eventually become Expression Engine, one of my favorite CMS' to date.

As my career progressed in Web Development/Software Engineering, I found less and less time to write and basically stopped writing for nearly 5 years. Somewhere along the way I had become distracted with life and work.

Perhaps a year ago, I got the itch to write again about technology among other topics. I'm still a geek but I love traveling, photography, and being active and outside. I wanted a place to share stories about the things I love.

So here we are...

I have no illusions about generating a new audience. I just miss writing.

It took me longer than I would have liked to get this setup. The good thing and bad thing about being a web developer is that the technology keeps changing. When I started planning this site redesign, it became difficult for me to nail down the specs because I wanted to try so many different technologies. 

I had to project plan out the site so that I could deliver a minimum viable product (yes, MVP, that dirty, overused acronym). 

The result of that plan is that I have my content management system in place (CraftCMS) and I have this first post and that I'm mobile first from the beginning. 

Ok, this post is done. I've used up my allotment of industry buzzwords for day.

Thanks for stopping by!

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